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Acts Of The Apostasy

I’ve gone ahead and conducted a poll on Catholic doctrine and religious beliefs.  I think it’s the most accurate one to date, and ought to be used to counter all the Pew Polls and Gallup Polls and Stripper Polls out there, trying to convince us what Catholics believe.  You know the ones I mean – the ones that say x% think there ought to be same-sex marriage, or y% don’t think there’s anything wrong with contraception or z% say divorcees should be able to get remarried without needing an annulment.

All these polls indicate one or more several things; that a) Catholics don’t know their faith; b) Catholics don’t care about their faith; c) Catholics are indistinguishable from the general public; or d) a combination of all the above.  It’s frustrating.  Because when you counter such results with “but according to Church teaching…”, most of the time you get a…

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