Kid Toys

Specifically, ones for the three-year-ish crowd—that don’t make noise and have some kind of a justifiable “it’s learning!” excuse.  I got my mind set on a “beading” set—Kit tries to get into my beads so much that I can’t even have the stuff around.

Then I found that I couldn’t find any. Not for little kids, just plastic bling for 10 year olds.

My sister and I went to a book store and there—in the kid’s section—was a TON of wooden toys, including beads too big for Kaboodle to choke on with bright shoe-laces to thread them on!  Squares and circles and stars and barrel-shapes, oh my, in bright colors.  I snapped it up, even though twenty bucks was steep.  Supply and demand, y’know—if there’s no other option, the price will be higher.

They’re WONDERFUL.  Visiting Grandma, all other toys were abandoned—by both of the girls.  Big girl would thread them, little one would take it apart, either would swing the string around or stack the beads.  So, today I looked on line to see if I could get another set and I found out that 1) they’re not usually twenty bucks, and 2) they have a LOT of OTHER wooden toys, of the old style brain building sort!

I haven’t ordered any of the other stuff they have that caught my eye, but Melissa and Doug’s lacing beads are really good quality—I highly suggest them as gifts.



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