But Of Course

Medieval European philosophers were not after all simple-minded

via Angels on the head of a pin | Monday Evening.

Goes on, but I can’t help cutting it short– if they didn’t mock a strawman, however were the New, Greatest Thing Ever guys to feel superior?  If you give the Catholic philosophers a fair shake, you have to respect them.  Much easier to lie, caricature, or shift beliefs over to them. (like the classic “non-human people have no souls” that fantasy writers love to paint on their priest characters for their pointy-eared magic users…which, from shallow study, would be a post-enlightenment folk lore about elves thing; Catholics would look the doctor of the Church who wrote that whoever is anywhere born a man, that is, a rational, mortal animal, no matter what unusual appearance he presents is a person, not an animal.  As I mention ad nauseum, since it’s a pet peeve.)


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