Creative Minority Report: Great Op-Ed from U. of Michigan Student Absolutely Blasting the Hook-Up Culture

Where are the real men while this is happening to women? What are we up to while girls are pushed to look for fulfillment shot by shot, wearing barely more than a bathing suit? Sure, we can claim that it’s not all our fault. Popular media tells us that using women and putting notches on our bedposts make us real men. It’s no longer honorable for men to consider women precious and something to be honored and cherished rather than possessed and used. Commitment is for fools and old-fashioned folks. Who needs commitment when we can have it little by little each weekend? Are we so void of hope for a consistent love that we’ll settle for scraps from the table?

Men, the women on campus are all vulnerable. They’re away from their homes and families and are now in our care. So far we’ve done nothing but put them in harm’s way and exploit them. It’s time to take a stand and become real men. What will happen when this college life is over? Will we continue chasing women for sex? Excuses like, “I’ll stop once I settle down and have a family” are all too familiar. Do you really think that all of a sudden we can change our hearts? What’s next … we’re so attached that we look at pornography with actors our daughter’s age, or we leave our families and wives for younger models? Carrying this mentality only results in broken families and more fathers who aren’t man enough to show their daughters how treasured and incredibly important they are. Let’s become the men that we want to be in the future.

via Creative Minority Report: Great Op-Ed from U. of Michigan Student Absolutely Blasting the Hook-Up Culture.

A sad number of guys would claim this guy is delusional.

I hope he’s strong, and I pray he gives others the strength to stand up like this.


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