Heads Up, Folks Looking For Some Advertising–

Here’s an author, of a sort of mostly-sane-libertarian bend (only mostly sane because, well, she hears voices; on the other hand, she makes a living at it! is paid for it!) that is doing a blog tour.  She’ll gladly trade you an interview to cross-share audience.  (I’d post here, but the only guest blog I’ve ever allowed was from my mom, and I’d like to keep it that way.)


Anyway – What I’d like to ask is to do a blog tour to promote the book, though the posts don’t necessarily NEED to be about the book.  (It’s good for them to have a tenuous tie in, at least.)

I know some of you have already contacted me.  Some of you might even be thinking I blew you off.  (It is no such thing.  While this has not be a year to compare to 2003, it’s not been very great either, between wild fires and stupid health tricks…  its being an election year hasn’t helped either.)  The truth is that I have the scheduling ability of cheese (very soft, not aged cheese) and at the moment, for obvious reasons, I don’t even have a part-time assistant.  Also, with indie publishing I’ve added another level of work to an already full schedule.  The end result is that at times I’m foggy on my own name.

So, to get around that, instead of having it come to normal email, if you have a blog that you don’t mind having me appear in for a day, email me here  blogtourinvites@gmail.com

So, what if your blog is really small?  Doesn’t matter.  I mean, if you have more than say a dozen readers or if you have fewer and don’t mind my also echoing it here.

So, you say, what if the blog is about something having nothing to do with books?  Well… ask me if I can do it.  Chances are I can.

via The Magical Science Fiction Tour | According To Hoyt.


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