On this Disney-Star Wars deal | StarTribune.com

Bad news: George Lucas announce another Star Wars trilogy

Good news: the company behind “Toy Story” and “The Avengers” announces another Star Wars trilogy

Right? We’re in the age of the geek-friendly reboot with great dark epics like Nolan’s “Batman” – compared to the cartoony drivel of Episode 1, the okay-I-guess Ep 2 (which, to be honest, I liked) and the overkill of Ep 3, “The Avengers” was practically Shakespeare and Shaw. Everyone had fun speculating about the Disneyfication of Star Wars characters, the inclusion of Leia into the pantheon of Princesses, the prospect of Wookies on Ice, and so on. But Disney is several companies, each with their own target market, and I suspect they’ll think “Marvel” for the Star Wars brand, not “animated feature with brand extensions that run from pillow sheets to Broadway Musicals.” Lucas already marketed the hell out of the property; Disney can’t dilute its precious specialness. Lucas already made it kiddie-fare, long ago. Lucas already dumbed it down.

Look. This company did “Tangled,” which was pretty good. “Wreck-It Ralph” is getting the reviews you suspected it would get: raves. “Captain America” was awesome. “Toy Story 3” – well, yes. I know these are different divisions, but their high-profile projects have been quality products, and there’s nothing as high-profile as “Star Wars.” Do you know what you’re going to get when Disney does a Star Wars movie? Two things:



via On this Disney-Star Wars deal | StarTribune.com.

What Lileks said.

At this rate, I’d cheer if I heard Disney bought Star Trek.


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