We’ve Come To The End Of Cake | According To Hoyt

Except we made it hard to have and raise children.  And it didn’t happen.

The multitudes that were supposed to keep us safe and warm in retirement aren’t there.  (This also has an adverse effect on investment but that’s something else again.)  The money we paid in was spent on the current generation of older people.

Importing a whole lot of illiterate or uneducated immigrants won’t solve this problem.  Their wealth creating ability is limited.

Which is when you must step back and examine things.  SHOULD you have guaranteed retirement pensions for twenty, thirty years of your life?  Why?  And don’t tell me you paid into it and you’re entitled.  Why are you?  Other generations weren’t.  And just because you paid into a Ponzi scheme that promised you a return of several billion, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to get it.  Not even if you were forced to pay.  It just means things suck and life isn’t fair.  (My generation by and large never expected to be paid social security.  Apparently we were more credulous about other plans.)

via We’ve Come To The End Of Cake | According To Hoyt.

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