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Paul Zummo says:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 A.D. at 7:52am (Edit)

I was going to write a separate post on this but instead I will leave this as a comment.

Here are the silver linings:

Republican control of the House. If Americans had clearly rejected Republican policies, as some suggested, then the GOP would not have maintained control of the House. Additionally, it seems that the Congressional defeat means that Nancy Pelosi will be out as minority leader, so an election result that means Nancy Pelosi is punted to the sidelines isn’t all bad.

GOP bench vs. Democratic bench. Republicans should have a field of excellent candidates in 2016. Among the leading candidates for the Democrats, on the other hand, will be Martin O’Malley. Yeah.

Supreme Court. This isn’t so much a silver lining as a caution against pessimism. I think we can take it to the bank that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will now retire soon and will be replaced by another younger leftist. I’m uncertain about Breyer. However, barring health issues, there is no way Scalia or Thomas will retire over the next four years, and I am somewhat confident that Anthony Kennedy will stick around. Furthermore, it seems as though the Obama presidency has turned AK back into some kind of judicial conservative. I also think that the election results might convince Chief Justice Roberts that his attempts to split the difference judicially are unwise. Of course, that could be naive optimism on my part.

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Since he didn’t make a separate post.


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