» Politico wants conservatives to stop reading alternatives to Politico – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Declare the GOP to live in a media cocoon based on the statements mostly by three people (writers Ross Douthat of The NY Times and Ben Domenech, and a failed GOP candidate who lost the Senate race to Rand Paul) — hence, this is a “news” story — without considering the reality that almost the entire media is a liberal cocoon to which conservative outlets are a breath of fresh air.  The few dissenting voices are buried deep in the article — so Politico is fair!

We are bombarded with liberal media all day long — yet to seek out alternatives means we are in a cocoon? 

We read NY Times stories every day, except we often don’t realize it because they are reprints in local newspapers.  We read Politico all day long, except we don’t realize it because it appears under a Yahoo or other news banner.  We have no choice but to listen to CBS and other mainstream media, because our local news stations use their news feeds.  We live in a world of a social agenda entertainment industry.

And yes, we watch MSNBC,  just look at the Twitter feeds of conservatives and you will understand that we hang on almost every Chris Matthews rant.

The notion of a cocoon unique to conservatives is nonsense, and without any evidence. 

via » Politico wants conservatives to stop reading alternatives to Politico – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.

He goes on.

I’ve thought sometimes that it would be really nice to try out a media cocoon sometime… actually have a whole day where nothing was personally offensive.  No, go further– where nothing wasn’t in line with my world view!

What?  It would be fun, for just one day….


6 thoughts on “» Politico wants conservatives to stop reading alternatives to Politico – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion”

  1. The only way I get this is to go on a media fast. Happily, I get 25 hours of that per week: I don’t know how folks who don’t observe the Sabbath can keep their heads above water. The only failing is that most of the folks in my synagogue and city are far-left (it IS DC, after all…)

    1. I’d have to go on a media fast, hide in my room, not read anything and not talk to anyone but my husband and one or two friends…

      1. Joinnnnn the herrrrrrd….

        OTOH, you’d have to stay away from the fanfic. Apparently there’s as many guys who don’t believe in female friendship as there are women who secretly want every male buddy show to be not about buddies. Sigh.

        There are some things man does not want to know….

      2. Meh, that’s just a logical result of everything being about sex. “Hey, that guy and girl are co-workers! Must mean they’ve got something going on.”

        “Hey, those four spend a lot of time together– must be something going on!”


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