Standing Athwart History | According To Hoyt

However, in general, conservatives of any stripe who came of age before the seventies have the built in assumption that history is against their beliefs and they’re doomed to eventually lose.   They react to this in many different ways.  A lot of what you call RINOs are in fact conservatives of this stripe.  They think that they’re doomed to lose anyway – or rather, don’t think, just feel it, since it’s at the back of all their political beliefs – and therefore doing a little trade on the way to make things easier seems wise.  There are other types, like VDH who mourn the failing of the light and believe it is their duty to chronicle our journey into the dark, to warn some future rekindling of civilization (even though it’s understood he thinks they too are pre-doomed.)  Then there are the ones, like the Vikings of old who stand and make them fight for every inch they take, even though knowing that in the end evil and darkness win.

All of these from the “go down easy” to the admirable warriors have more in common with each other than with me.  You see, they don’t believe we can win.

Me?  I’m neither naïve nor stupid.  Yes, I’ve read the same historical texts they have.  Yes, I know the danger is grave.  Yes, I’m fully aware that forces of darkness are closing in on all sides.  They’ve been closing in on all sides forever, and the dawn of the industrial age made it worse.

BUT how could I not believe we can win?  In my lifetime, I’ve seen communist countries fall.  Even if they reconstituted again in some form, we found out one thing: no communist dictatorship can continue unchanged or unsoftened for over seventy years.  How CAN they be the future if they can’t even feed their own people longer than that.   Even strong men in benighted Latin countries do better than the dictatorship of the proletariat to which the future was supposed to belong.

via Standing Athwart History | According To Hoyt.

I hadn’t considered the “depressing as heck” conservatives might be of an older stripe– the older conservatives I know are hopeful.  Possibly because we believe God will make it alright in the end?


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