Quoting TOF Spo…

Quoting TOF Spot

The reification of abstractions is the notion that because a bunch of people can be put in a box, they derive their opinions and preferences from the label on the box, rather than vice versa.  The bucket labeled “Women” does not consist of identically distributed pieces, but of individuals with diverse opinions.  Neither does the bucket labeled “College Degree.”  These are attributes abstracted from voters, not voters themselves.  Adjectives are not nouns.

via The TOF Spot: The Wonderful World of Statistics.

Well, well said.  Part of why I’m so annoyed with folks talking about how we have to appeal to X or Y… people are people, not box-members.


2 thoughts on “Quoting TOF Spo…”

  1. Absolutely agreed. I think policies should be recommended if and only if the recommender thinks they are the right thing to do, not because of some hypothetical appeal to a generic subgroup.

    For myself, I’m an Orthodox Jewish, somewhat libertarianesque, women’s roller-derby-loving, project runway-watching, cute little dog owning, engineer who plays in a rock band and thinks Iron Maiden and Weird Al Yankovic are the best thing since sliced bread. In which box do I fit?

    1. Ah, but they have an answer to that!

      You see, we’re “not really” whatever group we ARE if we don’t fit the definition. So Sarah Palin, by not supporting abortion on demand, is “not really a woman.” No matter my birth date, I wasn’t a “young person” because I don’t think marriage is unfair. (at least, not in away that can be changed this side of heaven; it ain’t fair that some folks who would make wonderful parents never meet their mates, and some folks are in…very uneven marriages.)

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