Quoting Hoyt…again….

You see, the US while a different bird, still lives in the flock of nations.  (And if you pronounce that without an l and put a cluster before it, you have the right idea.) One way Americans born and raised tend to fail at getting international politics is that they don’t realize how unique America is.

I remember the poor dumb duckling going to Iraq to serve as a human shield for Saddam’s targets telling an equally credulous reporter that of course we shouldn’t be attacking Iraq, because a country that couldn’t provide clean water for its people could have no weapons.  (Syria.  The weapons of mass destruction went to Syria.  So all the leftists trying to do good work by telling us poor gobsmacked idiots that there were no WMDs will be deleted unread.  Contrary to leftist myth we didn’t drop on the benighted country like a thief in the night.  We went to the UN and we gave them THREE MONTHS to move weapons elsewhere.  That was a piece of idiocy.  If we were going in at all we should have dropped in like Sudden Death.  Y’all would whine, but you whined anyway.)

via A House Of Ideas | According To Hoyt.


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