Another reason there are fewer stay-at-home moms.

Let me explain – regardless of what the supposed intent of the rules and regulations: clean air, clean water, competitiveness, honesty, what all rules and regulations imposed by a government do is a) create a bureaucracy.  b) add to the cost of doing business/existing the cost of filling paperwork/jumping through hoops.

The result of a) is that bureaucracy’s are self perpetuating and self enlarging.  I.e. suppose you create a bureaucracy to make sure people don’t sell tainted meat to the public.  It’s a relatively simple mission and with some inspections and certifications, it is accomplished, to where the bureaucracy is pretty much stable.  Only the only way the heads of the bureaucracy are going to be promoted/get paid more is to enlarge their mission/empire.  So, soon the pressure comes to make sure people also don’t sell tainted fish.  Then there are a lot more people working there, and they all want to advance.  So after a while you have people measuring the salt content of restaurant food according to rather dubious science.

The result of b) is that if you find yourself unemployed and decide to start a business going to various offices and selling your prize chocolate chip cookies from that recipe your mom made up…  you can’t do it.  Or rather, to do it, you have to have substantial savings which allow you to rent a place to cook in that will pass inspection (which means out of the house, away from cats/kids.) and you have to have the time to fill all the paper work.  And the money to buy enormous levels of insurance.  Easier, really to shrug, stay on the dole and collect unemployment.  But even say you want to start a business that has nothing to do with food – say computer repair, or software writing.

Do you know the sheer load of paper work required for me to operate my “I make up crap, put it on paper and people buy it” business?

via No King, No Queen, No Lords, No Ladies | According To Hoyt.


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