Incorrect Identification Of Causes

You don’t need me to add that this “kid” I’ve been talking about is a big science-fiction fan who reads comic books, do you?

via PJ Lifestyle » Grown Men Don’t Read Comic Books: Here’s an Alternative (That Might Just Save America).

Well, yes, actually I do– and the idea that you connect being a 33 year old loser with being a geek, rather than being a child whose parents are actively enabling him in his dependency, tells me more about you than about 33 year old science fiction fans who read graphic novels.  I happen to be married to one of those— he quit college when he ran out of money, rather than borrow for a “maybe,” joined the military because it would improve some flaws he saw in himself, and courted me the way that all the doom-and-gloom articles claim never happens anymore.

A lot of the other military technicians are very much the same; those who are married are quite responsible about it, those who aren’t still behave like adults.

In contrast, a lot of the turning-30-this-year kids I went to high school with, who are turning 30 now, tend to be more like the kid you’re talking about. They wouldn’t be caught dead watching scifi or playing computer games, let alone reading. (The girls MIGHT play farmville and read romances.)
The thing is that their parents gave them everything, and have continued to do so.


6 thoughts on “Incorrect Identification Of Causes”

  1. Don’t bother with the comments. It’s almost youtube level. Lots of “all you guys who disagree with the author just don’t understand what she’s saying” stuff.

    Can’t possibly be that she said something stupid…..

  2. I see nothing wrong with gainful employment *and* enjoyment of SF and comics. Gotta have hobbies, right? I’ve read Kant and I’ve read Tiptree, and I know which I’d rather read again…

    1. From the rest of the article that I wasted time on, if the guy was raised by her sister it seems he comes by his charming interpersonal abilities (as shown in relation to “The Hobbit”) quite honestly. Such charm and deep, insightful thinking was just honed by parenting style.

      A thought– I didn’t hear anything about dad, did you? Or did you choose to do something besides read someone whine about how other folks’ hobbies are Ruining Everything?

      1. Oh, dear… I don’t even want to look…. After Marvel went and pissed on all the good characters, making them sons of Satan suffering from delusions, homosexuals with no manners or just random psychos…..

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