Steam Coming Out My Ears….

I knew Ron Paul was an ass.  Still, his willingness to malign the dead startled me.

That said, the number of people willing to go with him with forethought turns my stomach and has me seeing red.

Many are not even doing the basic research to find out why one might be treating PTSD soldiers around GUNS, and some double-down on their ignorance by calling the VA a liar on the topic…without bothering to spend three seconds searching and find out that the therapy is pretty basic.

Heck, the first time I ever HEARD of PTSD– remember that movie in the 80s, with the guy who was in a plane crash?– the therapy was to expose him to the triggers that freaked him out.

Good grief, it’s as basic as getting back on your bike when you fall off, and there’s even a section on TV tropes for it.


2 thoughts on “Steam Coming Out My Ears….”

  1. It is sickening that his lemmings are following him off this cliff. Speaking of mental illness, right?

    I was diagnosed with PTSD/dissociative disorder many years ago. Therapy was intensive and yes, even nearly 20 years ago, included exposure to triggers. It’s pretty standard treatment. And Ron Paul is an idiot.

    1. I can understand the initial impulse of “huh? PTSD guy on the gun range?” because of recent media stereotypes, just not ACTING on it– especially not once it was mentioned that it was treatment, rather than…a social group, or something.

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