Definitely Not “Hitler’s Pope”

Thomas shows, for example, that priests were instructed to issue baptism certificates to hundreds of Jews hidden in Genoa, Rome and elsewhere in Italy. More than 2,000 Jews in Hungary were given fabricated Vatican documents identifying them as Catholics and a network saved German Jews by bringing them to Rome. The pope appointed a priest with extensive funds with which to provide food, clothing and medicine. More than 4,000 Jews were hidden in convents and monasteries across Italy.

During and immediately after the war, the pope was considered a Jewish saviour. Jewish leaders – such as Jerusalem’s chief rabbi in 1944 – said the people of Israel would never forget what he and his delegates “are doing for our unfortunate brothers and sisters at the most tragic hour”. Jewish newspapers in Britain and America echoed that praise, and Hitler branded him “a Jew lover”.

via The Pope’s Jews | The American Catholic.

I suppose the Usual Suspects will just call this more Catholic revisionism… (which means “you are challenging my historic revisionism.”)


2 thoughts on “Definitely Not “Hitler’s Pope””

  1. a local talk radio guy, Bill Handle, has repeatedly spoken of how his father, a polish Jew, was kept hidden in the vatican under the guies of a Catholic Priest. he was teaching Catholic Theology to seminarians… an avowed non-convertible jew, disguised as a priest, teaching Catholic theology, to seminarians.

    Handle is NOT kind to The Church, or any other institutions, when they do wrong. but every time that hitler thing is brought up, he tells the story again. he is only here because the Church cared enough about Jews when few others did.

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