Read It All, Please

This appalling story shows just some of the things that can happen as a result of IVF. Here are just a few features. Some overlap with each other.

–“Parents” who hire another woman to bear “their” baby, an IVF embryo, though it turns out that the supposed biological mother actually isn’t the baby’s mother at all, because they used an egg donor.

–The complete post-modernization of the very concept of parenthood.

–“Parents” who at first think of themselves as the child’s parents, then, when it turns out the child is imperfect, want the child killed, then, when they can’t succeed in getting the child killed, decide they do want to be regarded as her parents, but only so that they can abandon her to the state of Connecticut and no longer be her parents, then, when the birth mother runs away to a state where she will be the child’s mother at birth, sue for parental rights for who-knows-what reason, then in the end decide not to challenge the baby’s adoption by yet a third set of people provided that they can have occasional reports on her progress. It’s make-it-up-as-you-go-along parenthood.

–Direct coercion upon the surrogate to try to get her to have an abortion, followed by attempted bribery when coercion doesn’t work.

via Surrogacy, selfishness, and IVF (What’s Wrong with the World).


4 thoughts on “Read It All, Please”

  1. The comments on that post are appalling. There are a whole bunch of folks calling for banning IVF because of the jerks in that case, saying that no child conceived via IVF could be “conceived in love” etc.

    This is terrible, and represents a far greater type of evil than what they’re reacting to. There have always, always been people who will behave badly, regardless of their technological abilities. That is what is evidenced in this case. We need to condemn the bad and support the good.

    I know a tremendous number of children conceived via IVF who are being raised in loving, two parent families.

    Those people need to take the beams out of their eyes before being concerned with the motes in others’.

  2. IVF does involve putting ones desire for a child ahead of the child– the health issues associated with being conceived by IVF are pretty well known.

    It’s not just that people are jerks, it’s that the technology involved is inherently biased towards making children a consumer good, rather than a person.

  3. Fertility problems make people desperate and a little bit crazy, and understandably so.

    So some people are so focused on the babies as people that they overlook the inhumanity of the procedures (and the high body count among fertilized eggs that “miscarry” or are offed deliberately by the doctor).

    But yes, other people are so focused on the inhumanity of their new ability to play God that they overlook the humanity of their own babies.

    It kills me, it’s so horrible. It’s like the beginning of a fairytale, where people say they’ll give anything to have a baby, and don’t even worry about who might take them up on it. And the price is still, very often, someone’s life or someone’s soul.

  4. The desire to have kids is good, and strong– much like the desire to love and be loved. I think we’re all familiar with the horrible things people do to themselves and others in the search for love?

    Terry Pratchett had a very good point when he had Granny Weatherwax say that sin is treating people like things.

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