Reblog: Three Deaths and a Quote

Modern abortion advocates know this as well. The more honest of them picked up and embraced this quote by prolife activist Frederica Matthewes-Green: “No one wants an abortion as she wants an ice-cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal, caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its own leg.” We’re once more seeing Big Abortion taking action to ensure that women remain caught in the trap through their latest attack on the pregnancy help centers that offer the woman a chance to free herself from the trap without resorting to abortion. Whether because, like Robert Prince, it’s their bread and butter, or because, like Patricia Baird-Windle, it’s their religion, there will always be those who will fight any attempts to help women avoid abortions. Keeping them in check will always have to be a high priority.

via RealChoice: Three Deaths and Why Women Will Always be Vulnerable to Abortionists.


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