About That Crisis…..

Again, I can’t prove this, but I’ve been in some of these countries (I grew up in one at the edge of it) and more, I have friends who have worked in others.  Yes, on paper third world population is exploding.  In reality this doesn’t seem to be true.  Most third world countries have built in assumptions of both racial virility “look how many children we produce” and of getting money per-capita from international charities and other civic bodies.  Yes, we see a lot of immigration from Arab countries, but it’s not that their population is exploding, so much, as that they’re so extremely bad at providing for the population they have.  Look, Russians are immigrating to Portugal, and no one can claim Russians have an exploding population.  Usually buried in all of this is the statistical fact that immigrant populations behave like the native population in terms of births from the second generation on.  (Latins?  The US?  Well, Mexicans DO come over the border to give birth.  Why not?  Double the benefits.  And our law keeps accreting people to the category – takes a bow – yours truly, for instance.  And there’s benefit in claiming the exotic side of your ancestry, so children of mixed marriage are “Hispanic.”  I’m not surprised the majority of births in the US are Hispanic.  I’m surprised, given incentives to the contrary, anyone is still officially “white.”)

via Come Down From That Ledge | According To Hoyt.


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