Saintly Samurai Savoir-Faire


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Kagayama Hayato was the head samurai retainer for the daimyo Hosokawa Tadaoki. He was one of Sen no Rikyu’s seven favored disciples in the tea ceremony (the Rikyu Shichitetsu). He was also Catholic, like many other Hosokawa vassals, and like Hosokawa’s own wife (the famous Gracia) and mother.

Originally, Tadaoki was generally favorable toward Catholicism and missionaries, and even funded requiem and thanksgiving Masses. But after a while, he changed his mind. Even before Christianity was outlawed in the rest of Japan, he commanded all his vassals and retainers to drop Christianity like a hot rock. Some did; some went elsewhere on the sly.

But the problem with having a loyal, smart, prudent, wise retainer is that he might not agree with you, and you might be the one who’s wrong.

At first, Tadaoki just ignored Kagayama’s continuing Catholicism, by sending him to the capital to do work for him…

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