“Hysterical History” by Harveytoons

Aliens in This World

A five-minute cartoon version of American history. The quality of the print isn’t super-high.

Here’s a more serious history cartoon: “War of Independence – History of the US Navy.” Really, it’s not so much animated as illustrated, though it offers plenty of solid info. This film is part of a series of instructional films about Navy history, including “The Naval Wars with France and Tripoli: 1798-1805,”“The War of 1812, Part 1” and “Part 2;“1815-1860,”“The Civil War, Part 1,”“Part 2,”“Part 3,” and “Part 4.”

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2 thoughts on ““Hysterical History” by Harveytoons”

  1. Embers up. How does the reread go. second four-week update in a row, maybe things are changing again. Gonna go read now. Happy fourth.

    1. Finished it, got back into the TV tropes discussion page about it, got sick of the idiot who really hates the fic and insists of loudly asserting false stuff, then got invited to fan page specifically to avoid trolls like that.

      If I remember right, this is the time of year that she changed to the once-every-three weeks thing in the first place. Might also be having trouble writing, the end of stories is hard, seems to me.

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