The UK Hates Freedom of Speech

Worth reading, as always.

Aliens in This World

In a preview of the way things will soon be in the US, a Huguenot Calvinist evangelical preacher got dragged in by the local police for questioning and potential hate speech charges. The alleged offense was sending some pamphlets on Christian doctrine to the organization that put together a Gay Pride parade in Norwich, England. If he didn’t want to be questioned, he had the option to pay a 90 pound ($180) fine directly to the police officer (creepy when you think about it and bound to make peculation problems), which of course meant acknowledging his own guilt and declining to defend himself. “I’m a hate crime offender.” Yup, that’s exactly what you want to say about yourself. So he went with the questioning, and found out that there was more Kafka to come.

First off, this is just one of those guys who sends topical pamphlets to everybody…

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