The World Of Noire: Heroes of Cosplay, Finale…

First off the show was to be called “Cosworld” and it was suppose to be a documentary show on cosplay at least that’s what we where told. ONE HOUR before going on stage we where told that we where to be competing for cash prizes and we had to have a skit, we all looked at one another in shock and awe, the girl then informed us that the people who where being followed by Syfy weren’t able to win these so called “cash prizes” which we found out later it was BULLCRAP, I mean don’t get me wrong I was happy the fem 11 won the $500, we ended up giving it to fem 3 for all her hard work, she also spent her hard earned money on everything, it was something we all agreed upon prior, even tho we did it for fun and the shock of having all the fem 11 together with K-9, we didnt’ expect to win anything, fem 3 did something really nice tho for us all and made little photo books of the fem 11’s journey at comicon which was totally awesome!

The “How to train your dragon” girls told us they hadn’t competed in years, and they where NOT there via Syfy channel which as we can tell otherwise cause we see them on tv with syfy every week since the show started. This also all happened during the judges’ discussion of who gets what prizes, because we were told by the show staff that we needed to leave the audience and go behind the curtain.Which again after watching the show I can tell what was dubbed and what wasn’t. Way to freaken edit and dub, syfy. #smh

Through a gap in the curtains, we saw one of the audience members who was also cosplaying as a doctor the 10th Doctor to be exact, I mean 40 other people saw her too, my husband sat right next to her! She stood up and yelled, “To all of you who are NOT SyFy plants, I love you.” and walk out of the room. Of course a cheer came up from the crowd and cosplayers or at least what was left of the crowd I mean after we did our skit everyone pretty much left, not to sound cocky but it’s true, most of the people that had come up to our table as the con was going on said they would be there and tell there friends and family about it, it was the ONLY reason they would stay so late on a sunday…. not to mention so many being so frustrated with the show, retake after retake, my husband pointed out to me that him and his friend kept seeing people leave as re-takes kept happening, though our skit didn’t have a retake it was boom done, mainly cause we kept it simple we didn’t have time for anything other then that, we really couldn’t fuck it up unless fem 11 would of passed out but even then we had a backup plan, since she had stage fright etc.

Also what syfy DIDN’T SHOW, was at the end of the show as we where heading back to the con floor, tired, hungry, grumpy cause everything took so long was fighting with security to get back to our table to get our things, not to mention when Chloe came up to us and questioned what happened back stage etc, and we explained to her what happened, it was all a misunderstanding and apologies took place even followed a group hug.

via The World Of Noire: Heroes of Cosplay, Finale….



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