Preservation of Innocence

Cedar Writes

I was talking to a friend about the post at Mad Genius Club which I wrote in protest over being bullied into not parenting my children by gently steering them away from books I felt were inappropriate to their ages. She pointed out that I am arguing for innocence. It’s something we have far too little of, in this media-rich world, where almost from infancy children are exposed to television, videos, and yes, even books, that were never meant for a child’s eyes. In response, rather than attempting to allow our children the privilege of a little innocence, instead the reaction was to say “They will see it anyway, so why try to stop it?”

Why not, indeed? Perhaps because as a culture we now embrace pop stars who writhe all but naked on the stage, books that advocate ephebephilia and incest, but reject values, morals, and chivalry? I am…

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