The Green Hornet | John C. Wright’s Journal

If the modern reader cannot tolerate the idea of an ideal and loyal servant, one who serves and saves his master, and is his friend and only true companion, then the modern mind is sick, not to mention cut off from humanity and human history. The sickness is the addiction of seeing everything as a power struggle. The master who washes the feet of the servant is an ideal the modern mind is too crippled to understand, nor the squire who faithfully serves his knight.

via The Green Hornet | John C. Wright’s Journal.



4 thoughts on “The Green Hornet | John C. Wright’s Journal”

  1. The problem seems basically Kantian: people are viewed as means rather than ends. So, one attempts to rise to places where one uses others rather than is used by them.

    Indeed, the modern mind is ill–terribly ill. We can thank Social Darwinism and Marxism for offering us an economic and materialistic vision of mankind where one struggles merely for material goods and persons become cogs in a machine. I know some people blame capitalism for this, but capitalism did not become a school of thought until Marx coined the term.

    1. True. Hadn’t thought of it that way, I tend to figure it’s largely a humans-tend-to-need-to-work-hard-or-they’ll-dehumanize-others thing.

      Jesus’ “all men are my brothers” thing really was revolutionary.

      1. Considering that it was God who spoke, that makes it not only revolutionary but astounding–as is everything God does, especially in the person Jesus Christ.

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