According to Hoyt | John C. Wright’s Journal

John C Wright says:

February 4, 2014 at 9:54 am

You are a conservative but not an ULTRA conservative, as am I. That means you are not yet ready to enter the HALL OF CONSERVATIVES with other members of the League of Conservativism headquarters in Metropolis, namely, Superconservative, Nazi Hunter, Gold Bug, Mister Federalist, Charleton Heston, Green Crucifix, and Captain Constitution, but have to hang out in the club house with the other teen sidekicks, Young Republican, Bucky, Gold Boy, Miss Liberty, Shooty the Second Amendment Kid, Altar Boy and Bill O’Righty.

Somewhere in a swamp, in a black domed armored hideout, lurks our enemies, the Legion of Left, consisting of the mad scientist and criminal genius, Barking Moonbat, along with his henchmen and partners in villainy, Red Scare, Inflationaire, Imperial President, the Secular Supremacist, Race Baiter and United Nations Man, Captain Planet, and the hideous and soulless Robot known as Materialist Man.

Whenever the city is in danger or in need, the Police Commissioner flashes the Elephant Signal against a nearby conveniently low hanging cloud, and then Mister Federalists checks the superhero charter to see if we are actually allowed the power to do anything, and (as is usually the case) we are not, we urge the local authorities or the public to handle the matter themselves. What are they, children?

via According to Hoyt | John C. Wright’s Journal.



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