LILEKS (James) :: The Bleat 2014

The question is why SelectComfort decided to make men hate their brand. And most men will, if they see this. Is it because the woman is Strong and In Control and has a Noble Dog standing attentive devotion? Of course not. You have to live in a very small dark-walled bubble with limited circulation to believe that.

It’s the guy in pink satin pajamas frolicking with kitties.

It is inconceivable the two would be reversed; that’s a given. It is frowned upon to suggest that a reversal of the roles might approximate reality more than the scenario in the ad, so no one suggests it. You would find yourself brought up on the internet somewhere as someone who thinks women don’t read the Wall Street Journal but prefer to wear pink and play with kittens. You would also be someone who doesn’t get the humor! of the ad and is overthinking things, but I have to ask: since the ad is aimed at wome – it explicitly says “he’s the softy, you’re the rock” – is this something women find appealing?

Guys in pink PJs with kitties?

It’s like they assume that a base level of amused contempt is built right into modern relationships.

via LILEKS (James) :: The Bleat 2014.

I seem to remember studies that found that things that are wrong get remembered better– that’s why things like “Toys-drop-the-vowels-and-reverse-the-R-Us” names exist, beyond copyright. 

So the guy in pink pajamas playing with kittens is there because it would seem wrong to women, but wouldn’t actively insult them, and women tend to do things like “pick which beds we’re going to buy.”


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