Don’t bring a knife to a coffee fight | Gun Nuts Media

The short version of the story is that on Saturday leaving my office, I was the subject of an attempted mugging by a member of the Indianapolis Choir Boy School of Good Men Who are Only Down on Their Luck.  As I was leaving my office, said altar boy came around the corner of my building to the left into the side parking lot, and as I turned to face him noticed the knife in his right hand.  The Chaplain’s Assistant demanded that we engage in an abbreviated barter process, wherein I would provide my wallet and car keys in exchange for not getting shanktified, which to him probably seemed like a reasonable exchange.

I politely demurred by hurling a cup of hot Starbucks at him while fishing my Beretta Jetfire out of the stupid pocket holster it was riding in.  After taking a face full of Columbia’s most popular legal export and confronted with a counter offer of bullets to his previous barter exchange concept, the young gentlemen decided that discretion was the better part of valor and made all due haste in a westerly direction.

via Don’t bring a knife to a coffee fight | Gun Nuts Media.

Oddly enough, this is why I carry a gun that is intimidating in its own right.

Improvised weapons, I can do.  They work on their own.  But if had one of those (utterly adorable!!!! WANT!!1!!1!) little concealed carry pistols that I can carry quick-draw, then the only defense I actually have is the attacker’s good sense and pain.

With my 38 special?  I have nearly a century’s worth of TV in my favor, and it’s only slightly slower than what it would take me to get the kids out of the way anyways, which would be Issue #1.

There really is a good chance I’ll try to beat a Sneak Attacker to death with my CC before I manage to get it out of my carrier, but that would go for ANYTHING in my hands at the time.



4 thoughts on “Don’t bring a knife to a coffee fight | Gun Nuts Media”

    1. My aunt has one where all of the metal is pink.

      It’s…er… not my style, and the problem with the bad guy taking it seriously comes in, too.

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