Cool Sword Channels on YouTube

Realized that some folks AREN’T already following Medieval Otaku’s blog, so I might want to spread this around a bit– he found a bunch of cool youtube sword channels, like it says on the tin….

Medieval Otaku

As you know from my handle and previous posts–especially this one, I’m fascinated by medieval swordplay.  I’ve discovered several great channels on YouTube by enthusiasts of Historical European Martial Arts and figured that I should share the best of them here.  Some of my dear readers are no doubt curious what the difference is between real Medieval swordplay and what Hollywood portrays.  Medieval swordsmanship had been been lost until people in the latter half of the twentieth century began to try to reconstruct medieval swordsmanship from old manuals and the ergonomics of the weapons and armor.  There is a particular degree of ignorance in the study of the long sword and other weapons–as Skallagrim admits here; but one of the virtues of this community of enthusiasts is that they correct each others’ misconceptions.  You may watch this video where Skallagrim points out some errors in a…

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3 thoughts on “Cool Sword Channels on YouTube”

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I’ve just discovered that John Clements is also on YouTube. If someone deserves to be called a master of the longsword, that would be him. Unfortunately, I don’t think that he has a channel on YouTube, but he does some great videos for ARMA.

    I must confess that your introduction to this article amused me. It rather gave the impression that all your followers should be following my blog! :) A high compliment and I shall do my best to be worthy of it.

      1. Thank you! I feel sometimes as though every good article of mine is preceded by ten mediocre ones, but I’m glad to produce posts which my readers enjoy.

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