Our Lady and the Founding of Modern Greece

Aliens in This World

Here’s another famous story I’ve never heard before!

In the early 1820’s, Greece was trying to break away from the Ottoman Empire and various European powers, and become an independent nation again. (We don’t hear much about this, except Byron’s involvement in the fight.)

In 1821 in Tinos, a gardener started having dreams that Mary wanted him to go dig up an ancient icon of her, which was buried in a local landowner’s field. He dug around a bit and found nothing. Then in 1822, a Greek Orthodox nun named Sister Pelayia (Pelagia) also had dreams, on three consecutive Sundays in July, also asking her to dig up the icon in that same field. Sister Pelayia told her Mother Superior, who told the local bishop, who decided they needed to scale this thing up and dig up the whole field.

So he got together all the people who wanted…

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