I’m proud to be an American – American Soldier Tribute – YouTube

I was in Navy boot camp.

One of the girls came back talking about what she’d seen on the TV in the dentist office; we thought they were screwing with us, but that got pretty quickly dispelled.

The head of our division didn’t want us to be told about it at all. AT2 ignored him. We failed our uniform inspection, but that kind of disappeared.

The girl in the bunk below me, her dad was an Army Chaplain, and was going to be in the Pentagon, in the section that was hit, for a big meeting. She joined the Navy to piss him off– most of her life was built around defying him. He broke an ankle getting the secretary in the office he was visiting out but was othewise fine, we found out the next day.

A guy across the hall… His mom’s family had a restaurant in one of the towers. Family affair. His mom was out picking up something or other when it hit, but other than that….. Navy offered to let him take time off for the funerals, and he refused because he wanted to do something.

When I hit my first school after boot camp, one of my room mates was a New York liberal. A 31 year old artist married to a doctor, she had a studio with a great view of New York.
Of the towers.
She was working that day.
Not only did she join the Navy to load bombs, but she wanted to know why the (blank) we weren’t over in Iraq taking out Saddam, and had the copy of the New Yorker with details on what he’d done to the Kurds and marsh Arabs to back it up. (She graduated before Iraq.)

Second school, one of the Marine instructors brought in this video:

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3 thoughts on “I’m proud to be an American – American Soldier Tribute – YouTube”

    1. Yes.

      She went in to very quiet hysterics– halfway catatonic– when she thought he was dead. He’d write these really long letters with all of his schedules on them, and we were told the time that the plane hit the Pentagon, and what part. I’ve kind of wondered if they were trying to hit the Chaplain meeting– I don’t remember his last name, but I do know it was a big deal, and if he was there representing the entire Army for Lutherans…..

      Part of why she was shaping her life around doing things he didn’t like– from her religion to her military service– is because she expected him to always be there. When she thought he wasn’t… well, thank God that he was able to hobble up to her at our graduation. She grew up a lot in a few days.

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