Wolf Recovery

There isn’t much to protect any more. Managers spend as much of their time trying to keep wolves from tearing up livestock, protective dogs and other animals as they do protecting a species that is “endangered” in name only. Non-lethal means of keeping wolves away from livestock appear to work only for wolves that weren’t a problem in the first place. For wolves that develop a taste for cattle, sheep, protective dogs, horses and other prey, non-lethal means are generally ineffective. Removal appears to be the only effective answer.

Wolves are recovered in Pacific Northwest

The author is excessively “fair,” as in echoes the gov’t line and doesn’t mention the Amazing Teleporting Wolves (they only eat pets in areas that were studied a year prior, skipping hundreds of miles in the process) or the low estimates, or the Amazingly Not There wolves if they’re on the coast side of Washington.  (They’re always “wild dogs” if it’s on the wrong side of the state.)

Look at the comments– tons of pro-wolf spam, with many attacks on the author’s person and misrepresented facts.


(The pack near my folks is known to have grown greatly.)


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