Games about Games – Lileks

Electronic games were previously politicized for turning players into violent murder-bots, but that’s faded. To repeat a point I made years ago, if violent games made players violent, then “SimCity” should have made millions of kids take up a career in urban planning. The new slam against games is the sexist culture that creates them, the sexist dweebs who play them, and the untold millions of players who do not realize how gaming could — nay, should — nay, must be an arena for Social Justice. For example, it’s possible to play “SimCity” today without confronting the historical patterns of mortgage inequity and de facto segregation. You can raise towers, but not consciousness.

via National Review Online, James Lileks, Games about Games

I vaguely remember that one of the new SimCity games has “income inequality” or some similarly silly thing you’re supposed to try to minimize, and there was a Star Wars game that I completely lost interest in when some official mouthpiece made a big deal about how you could do Han Solo/Chewbacca as a love pairing if you wanted.

*headdesk* Great idea for a game that’s aimed at kids, creepers.

As usual, Lileks is worth ten times the time it takes to read what he wrote.


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