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but I thought it would be good to repost as a decent summary of events.   (It’s in response to “why didn’t comic books fight back like video games are?”,  but has a broader application.

Comment by Jump the Shark:

Saturday, October 25th 2014 at 9:25 am |

Honestly, I think this is more the way things were handled. Sarkeesian and her like have been attacking gamers for years, yet were largely ignored but for a few rebuttals and the sort of internet hate you get for saying Halo is better than Call of Duty (or vice versa).

The timeline for GG as a cohesive movement, though, goes like this:

1) Adam Baldwin coins the hashtag when linking to a relatively unknown video using allegations against Ms. Quinn as a launching point for a rant about nepotism in gaming journalism.

2) Presumably Ms. Quinn catches some flak for this.

3) Within 24 hours, ten articles are launched on competing sites declaring gamers, as a class, to consist of angry white males living in their parents’ basements, and, as a class, to be socially finished for all time.

4) By 48 hours, four more articles have joined the the throng, and Mr. Baldwin’s hastag has skyrocketed.

So, the comic equivalent would be, oh, say, Vin Diesel commenting on some tabloid scandal involving, say, Mike Mignola, and in twenty-four hours, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse posting almost identical articles on their front pages berating comic book readers for being pasty, fat, basement dwelling troglodytes, then declaring that due to the popularity of the Avengers movies, comic fans are over as a class.

Needless to say, when your customers, as a class, tended to enjoy the toilet end of swirlies all their lives, and you start spouting the same lines as the guys who stuffed them into lockers, you may suffer a little vocal customer feedback. Whereas when you quietly push an agenda, as did the SJFWA, you will merely quietly hemorrhage customers.

via Saluting Gamergate | John C. Wright’s Journal.


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