Catholicism in Manga: Baby Steps, Story #212

I did not know the literal translation of ‘Itadakimasu’– the translation I was given the modern implication “translation,” rather than “I humbly receive.”

Like it much better in real translation!

Aliens in This World

When Maruo goes to the All-Japan Juniors competition, he ends up running into several other tennis players at a restaurant. Before eating his curry udon, Ogata Katsumi, is shown saying grace and crossing himself before doing the usual “Itadakimasu” before eating. His friend Araya explains helpfully that Ogata is Catholic.


(Btw, the comicbook sound effect for doing the Sign of the Cross is apparently “sutsu, sutsu”. I think this is supposed to be the sound of touching the cloth of his shirt. The “butsu, butsu” sound effect while he’s saying grace is a standard murmur sound used in this comic.)

The story goes on to have Maruo mention this to his coach Aoi, who lets him know that of course you meet people of all faiths in international play. Aoi also says that when he played, he was envious of people who believed in something bigger than himself. (An interesting…

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