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2. Meanwhile, Wired lets us know that those people should not be allowed to “breed.” One supposes that “everything old is new again” and the search for the superman continues. Why are they called “progressives” if they simply repeat century-old tropes? What judgment Darwin would make of this!!

via The TOF Spot.

The person pegged (by the pro-those-people-shouldn’t-breed article) for promoting it is, of course, a doctor.

Of course.


2 thoughts on “The TOF Spot”

  1. What is it with Eugenicists? I mean, I could totally understand say, investing in a selective breeding program, recruiting the best and finest examples of humanity to produce a superman, but instead they always get bogged down in trying instead to stop breeding at the bottom of the pile.

    1. No idea, but you bring up a really good point. With animals, you take the traits you want and make a pool to try to get good results, and results that are too bad just get removed from the program. (My parents raise beef cattle; we sell a lot of “replacement heifers” to other ranchers that we would never keep.)

      It’s especially dumb because the uncontrolled populations are where a lot of good, random things come from.

      What ends up happening instead? They taint the drugs going to Catholic hospitals in an African company to make it so the bodies of women involved attack their pregnancy. They mutilate children brought to them for life saving procedures.

      It’s like the real goal is to be able to exercise power over those who are weak.

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