Muhammed Hated Jokes and Satire against Him

Aliens in This World

Here’s my post about the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

A lot of people are saying this has nothing to do with Islam. They’re wrong. It has everything to do with the basics of Islam.

Sura 9:64-66 — The hypocrites fear that a sura will be revealed exposing what is in their hearts— say, “Carry on with your jokes: God will bring about what you fear!” Yet if you were to question them, they would be sure to say, “We were just chatting, just amusing ourselves.” Say, “Were you making jokes about God, His Revelation [the Quran], and His Messenger? Do not try to justify yourselves; you have gone from belief to disbelief.” (Haleem translation)

Most cultures give special leeway to their poets, singers, musicians, storytellers, satirists, and clowns. St. Genesius was converted by his own jokes. Art and humor provide a safety valve, a support to virtue, and a non-violent form…

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