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I don’t know that I can write about this, today. Not with any coherency, and I may never be able to do that, this has shaken me.

Others have written fluently, and I’ll share those words.

Click on links to read more, and feel free to share, either this post, or the cartoon I created for it. je suis charlie

We free men mourn the staff of Charlie Hebdo. We might not have agreed with them on most things, but they were our brothers and sisters, unafraid in the face of threats or attacks.

Rest in peace and may free men remember them and honor them. And may their example light the path.

ONLY speaking unafraid and confronting the worst movements with unbended knee will we reform the tyranny that holds most Muslims in subjection. Only knowing they’re beyond the pale will bring reform. And only then will there be peace.

Je Suis…

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