How My Parish Youth Group Helped Me Leave the Catholic Faith

Instead I slipped into Intelligent University Thinker mode.  You know — too smart for all this organized-religion business, too hip for those simplistic moral codes written for dumb people in centuries past who needed to be told what to do, and plus, I had other things to do.  My weekends were busy, you know?  Oh, I was still Catholic, for a long time.  It took me four years to fully shake off my Catholic identity, and I never did quit receiving communion if I happened to be at Mass for some social reason.  (Yes.  I know.  I know.)

And that’s how I left the faith.

If you wonder why I’m crazy-obsessive about good catechesis, this is why.  I know where pathetic milquetoast  Church of the Good Intentions teaching leads.

via How My Parish Youth Group Helped Me Leave the Catholic Faith.


One thought on “How My Parish Youth Group Helped Me Leave the Catholic Faith”

  1. More quote:
    I have every patience for the ordinary guy in the pew who just doesn’t know his faith. I was that person. I know how easy it is to be that person through no fault of your own. You show up every week at Mass, and no one ever bothers to explain the faith to you, beyond a few general exhortations to love God and neighbor. You attend Bible study, or the men’s or women’s group, or religious ed, and still learn nothing. So where are you going to learn the faith? On Fox News? From the New York Times? Well, when your parish refuses you to teach you, that is where you learn it. That is all you’ve got left. It’s no surprise you’re barely Catholic — it’s a wonder you turn out at all.
    But if you’re a priest or a DRE or a youth minister, and you’re refusing to teach the Catholic faith to your flock? If you haven’t bothered to teach to your audience how to explain and defend the Catholic position on life issues, or chastity, or _insert hard teaching here__? Can’t seem to get around to making sure your lay leaders know and understand and practice the faith? I’m mad at you. Table-turning, kick-you-out-of-the-temple-courtyard mad.
    Because you are ruining people’s lives in your dereliction of duty.
    – See more at:

    I’ve horrified some of my fellow Catholic Stand writers that are adult converts by telling horror stories about my “religious education.” I know from other cradle Catholics that I’m not alone.

    I try to stick to keeping it as dark humor, but it’s not funny. I was disarmed, intellectually, and put out for slaughter– only by sheer, dumb luck did I avoid it. Very few in my youth group did.

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