Vox Popoli: The end of the troll hunt

I spoke with a representative of the Marshfield police department yesterday, and I can declare, with a reasonable degree of confidence, that the great troll campaign of the last five years appears to be more or less at an end. The police had Yama (whose identity, it turns out, was correctly identified) down to the station with his caretakers, none of whom knew anything at all about what Yama had been doing online for the last 12 years. I have been assured that there will be no further trolling of this blog, or of the many other blogs that have been trolled in the past, and that Yama will not be permitted unrestricted access to the Internet going forward.

via Vox Popoli: The end of the troll hunt.

The person that Vox is talking about has stalked, harassed, enlisted others to harass, impersonated and otherwise done everything he could think of to various people, the loudest of whom is my friend ShadowDancer.  If you’re curious for details, check here.

It will be much easier to pray for Marston now that I don’t have to worry quite as much that the local police will be blindsided when something goes wrong.


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