NRA-ILA | Momentum Shifting Against Operation Choke Point?

When last we reported on the ongoing scandal that is Operation Choke Point, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee had issued a report condemning the participation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the program. Earlier, the same committee had faulted the Department of Justice (DOJ) for its actions in pressuring banks to sever or avoid business relationships with legitimate industries that are considered politically objectionable, including firearms and ammunition sales. Internal investigators at both FDIC and DOJ had also launched their own probes into allegations of abusive practices under the guise of Operation Choke Point.

Since then, a series of events has helped further apply the brakes to this ill-conceived scheme, with some observers hopeful that a turning point has been reached.

First, a Wisconsin gun dealer reportedly captured audio tapes of his conversations with employees of his credit union, in which they acknowledge they were terminating his account because of pressure from federal regulators who objected to the nature of his business. The recordings appeared to substantiate the central criticism of Operation Choke Point: that it is seeking to deny entire lawful industries of access to banking services, rather than specific bad actors within those industries.

via NRA-ILA | Momentum Shifting Against Operation Choke Point?.

More details at the link.

Totally unrelated: notice that there are a bunch of links in the article.  Notice how very, very few of them are to the NRA’s website, or allied websites.

While it’s not 100% effective, this can be a very important indicator of the quality of information that you don’t have enough experience to tell apart on the merits.


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