The Twenty-Six Martyrs of Nagasaki

St. Matthias of Miyako wasn’t the Matthias that the soldiers wanted, but he gladly offered himself to fill up the line on their paperwork and save his namesake.

That is… so Japanese.
*tears in eyes*

Aliens in This World

Today is also the original feast day of St. Kichi Francis Gaius and the rest of the 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki (aka St. Paul Miki and Companions). The martyrs were crucified on this day in 1597 after plenty of torture and abuse, but the feast was moved to the 6th to avoid it getting lost behind St. Agatha.

Hideyoshi, the warlord in control of Japan, captured a shipwrecked Spanish vessel and confiscated all the goods. When Western countries tried to negotiate for the return of the goods and made threats, Hideyoshi decided that the thing to do was to break his treaty with Spain, outlaw Christianity again, capture the Franciscan missionaries from Portugal and Spain, and execute them.

St. Kichi Francis Gaius was a common soldier — not a samurai but a foot soldier (ashigaru). He was a third order lay Franciscan, and happened to be visiting the…

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