Goodbye Internet

Golden “No Duh, but good to say it” award.


I try to stay away from politics in this blog, but it occurs to me that if I don’t say something now I may not get the chance to say it later, and I want to have this on record.  Later, when everyone is standing around in shock saying, “No one could have predicted this outcome!” I want people to remember that, yes, someone did.

I honestly cannot understand how any private individual who uses the internet on a regular basis could possibly support giving the FCC regulatory powers over it.  The consequences of doing so are so obviously disadvantageous for consumers and entrepreneurs.

First, the price is going to go up.  That’s a given.  Any new regulation involves increased cost of compliance–ISPs will have to spend more overhead complying with the regulations and then documenting everything so that they can prove that they have complied with new regulations. This…

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