The Narrative Goes On And On

First it was an NAACP bombing.
Then folks actually looked, and noticed that the main effect of the bomb was discoloration, and it was on the opposite side of the building from the NAACP office– the wall of a hairdresser’s, and the only side that had a very low chance of someone driving by seeing something. So folks inclined to think of it at all figured either “dumb kids” or “attempted insurance claim.”
Well, we finally found out what caused it. There use to be a guy who did taxes in the building. One of his clients went to jail for tax fraud. The tax guy retired, and died in Arizona before the bombing… but the guy who went to jail was angry that the tax guy didn’t return calls and give him back his tax info, and so planted a bomb at the building.
The local NAACP guy is really not pleased to find out that now that they finally have an act of aggression, it had nothing to do with them and as just a crazy guy being (thank God!) ineffective.

According To Hoyt

So do you remember how last month, while the rest of us were somewhere between stunned and horrified at the savages who killed cartoonists in Paris, half of my colleagues went all sanctimonious and shrieked (I’m informed that’s a sexist word.  Good.  Ladies, if the harpy feathers fit, wear them) all over face book that the REAL issue — the REAL issue — was this bombing of an NAACP office in the springs which not only hadn’t killed anyone, but had barely caused any damage.

The offices are about a mile from the house we were living in at the time, and I THINK I heard the explosion, showing it’s more sound than fury.

At the time I sought out the report, complete with NAACP spokescritter screaming that it was clear it was all about race and wha wha wha poor little us, give us money to atone for your…

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