Cake or Death? | According To Hoyt

Yeah, the Republican brand sucks. So will any other that is not democrat. Until and unless we take down the media, that’s what we have to work with.

But beyond that – what do you expect to accomplish by saying “I will never vote for a republican again?” or “I’m going third party?”

I know what you think you can accomplish. You think the GOP will fall in line.


What you’re saying is “I’m going to keep the dems in power for the rest of our natural lives.”

You know what the unprincipled (most establishment) GOP hears when you say that? “I’d better cozy up to the left because they’re the future. Let me see what I can concede today. I sure would like to keep my job as the loyal opposition.”

Is that what you want? No? Change your tactics.

via Cake or Death? | According To Hoyt.


One thought on “Cake or Death? | According To Hoyt”

  1. The war for whether RINOs or conservative Republicans control the party must be fought at the primaries. Essentially, that writer is correct: letting Democrats win and the Republicans suffer political defeats doesn’t produce change in Republican leadership. The worst thing that can happen with Republicans in power is that they don’t do anything, as we’re seeing now.

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