Tony Robinson | Police shoot unarmed black teen | Madison

So, Robinson was a suspect for both disorderly conduct and battery when Officer Kenny was tasked to the scene, and was appropriately subject to a police response and arrest.

At this point Robinson could, of course, have complied with his lawful arrest, but instead he choose a different path:  he struck Officer Kenny in the head, knocked him to the ground, and fell upon the officer while he was down.  It was under these circumstances that the officer shot and killed the “beautiful, loving, caring” convicted armed robber Tony Robinson.

Anyone want to wager that we’ll soon learn Robinson was a student of the Mike Brown School of Grabbing A Cop’s Gun?

Despite all this, The Smoking Gun post notes that Robinson’s mother, Andrew Irwin, told reporters (presumably with a straight face) that:  “My son has never been a violent person. And to die in such a violent, violent way, it baffles me.”

Is it possible she did not know that her son was an armed robbery convict?

via Tony Robinson | Police shoot unarmed black teen | Madison.


3 thoughts on “Tony Robinson | Police shoot unarmed black teen | Madison”

  1. I had so little contact with the “news” this weekend that I only realize now that I saw or heard any kind of a mention– the downside, from their POV, of their constant “make it fit the story” junk is that those who don’t already agree can’t tell one situation from another. They’ll make identical claims, chant identical slogans and claim identical causes, so the rather different stories all melt into one that doesn’t even hold a lot of relation to what they’re trying to tell.

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