DHS Discovers Major Immigration Fraud in Los Angeles

When DHS investigators conducted a surprise check at the American College of Forensic Studies, they found one, single student in one, single religion class, despite the school’s claims that 300 foreign students were enrolled at the school, according to the Times. At Prodee University, investigators found just three foreign students in one English class, despite the more than 900 foreign students who were enrolled at the school.

via DHS Discovers Major Immigration Fraud in Los Angeles.


4 thoughts on “DHS Discovers Major Immigration Fraud in Los Angeles”

  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t too surprising. It happens every two-three years when DHS gets around to actually inspecting the schools that they certified to enroll international students. They seem shocked…shocked that some of the schools are little more than storefronts.

    1. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or more worried that I hadn’t heard of any of the terrorist activity they’ve caught through these, either– relieved, because there’s no mention of it being anything that involved the feds before he ordered the materials, or worried because most of the stories we hear are “and the terrorist bought a fake bomb from the feds” type.

  2. In a way it’s gratifying to know the feds still recognize such a thing as immigration fraud, and investigate it. Maybe it’s bureaucratic inertia.

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