L’Affaire Bergdahl Is the Quintessential Obama Fiasco

I did catch the news that the Army is going to prosecute Bowe Bergdahl for desertion. Given what we already knew, it’s no surprise that Bergdahl was up to no good. But given the politics, the fact that the Army is prosecuting him suggests that the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

via L’Affaire Bergdahl Is the Quintessential Obama Fiasco.

Pretty much.


14 thoughts on “L’Affaire Bergdahl Is the Quintessential Obama Fiasco”

  1. or, that there’s a single general officer out there who made it that far without losing his integrity… Naw, never-mind, Octam’s Razor just sliced the shit out of me for even thinking that.

  2. STS 1 SS USN (Ret) BPD (medicaled) Currently the Sail team Lead Electrician work lead At PSNS&IMF

      1. Saw this at an impressionable age:

        and haven’t been able to think of the great mash of cities as anything else since. Grew up outside of small towns– the idea of driving through a half-dozen cities without ever leaving the solid rows of buildings confuses me. (and crossing water doesn’t count, Wenatchee seems like one city with a river in it, don’t care what they call it legally)

      2. agreed, Grew up in little towns in the midwest. there’s farm land between towns, a law of nature.

    1. Nah, in the Seattle blob. We moved to the Dry side when I was a kid, from that three-way corner of Nevada, Cali and Oregon. Cattle ranching.

      Deliberately vague-ish. :D I seem to attract grievers in MMOs, and I don’t want to test if it will carry to IRL, be it SWATing or a more personal targeting. I’d really like to die of old age without having a need to pull a weapon, let alone shoot someone.

      1. well I already failed that one, about half the officers still in uniform know me and my house, I’ll take my chances. Besides Asatru, if it’s my time, it’s my time.

      2. Doesn’t matter if you’re a soldier, a basejumper, a lion tamer or a stay at home mother; when He (whichever you subscribe to, I don’t care) calls, you come, no matter what you are doing or what plans for the future you may have.

      3. As a believer in free will and loving one’s enemies, I think it’s a moral imperative to keep others from being tempted to make bad choices– even if it’s one they wouldn’t do without some pretty heavy evil involved.

        Plus the whole “not the only person here” thing. Trust in God, but row for shore.

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