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I can’t translate German, but I am pretty good at translating Progressive.  The closest translation is “You better do it, Rome, or we will.”

Remember, one of the reasons that Pope Francis even called a Synod on this topic was because the German Episcopate was threatening unilateral action on this front.

Smells like schism to me.  So much so, Cardinal Müller of the CDF has slammed the notion saying “It is an absolutely anti-Catholic idea that does not respect the Catholicity of the Church.”

So the  president of an Episcopal Conference is threatening unilateral action against the authority of Rome on matters of both faith and morals, but never mind that.  I wonder what the Trads will do?

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4 thoughts on “The Schism Nobody Sees Coming |Blogs |”

  1. Those are interesting developments. I love how the German bishops think that they can change established doctrine because it’s inconvenient for people who are not obeying the marriage laws of the Church. If these laypersons did not wish to be excluded from Communion, they ought not to have done those things which would prevent them from receiving the sacrament.

    1. If I remember correctly, the reason they’re so worried is that Germany has tithing set up– the gov’t distributes money from taxes to the churches based on membership. (Found out recently that “tithing” actually has a legal definition that’s not synonymous with “support your church”– it’s more like “taxes to a religious power” rather than a gov’t one. Catholic Encyclopedia has an in depth article on it.)

      In the US, because we do our collection actually in the parish, the chance for corruption is much less broad-ranging. (Although the only priest I know of that got removed from a parish was the one at my childhood parish who spoke on this very subject. Really corrupt situation.)

      1. I remember hearing about that. Germans have three choices for their tithe: 1) the Catholic Church, 2) the Lutheran Church, and 3) the Wildlife Fund. German bishops were at one point threatening excommunication for German Catholics who donated to the Wildlife Fund instead of the Church. xD

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