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OK, a quick primer on Hugo nominating and voting and rule changes for those still confused.

Nominating: Under current rules, supporting or attending members of the immediately previous WorldCon, the current WC, and the next WC after that are eligible to NOMINATE. So this year those who were members of LonCon, Sasquan, or MidAmericon2 were eligible to nominate.

Voting: ONLY members of the current WC are eligible to VOTE on the final ballot. If you want to vote this year for the Hugo final ballot, you MUST be a supporting or attending member of Sasquan. And the voting window will be about a month or so, starting sometime In June. There is no on-site voting.

So people who joined LonCon last year as supporters for SP2 could nominate this year, but cannot VOTE this year without buying at least a supporting membership in Sasquan before the cut-off date. Those buying at least a supporting membership in Sasquan will also be able to nominate next year, but not vote the final ballot unless they buy at least a supporting membership in MAC2.

There has been a lot of rhetoric about the Hugos lately, but if you don’t vote, IT’S JUST TALK…. It costs $40 to register to vote and some of the publishers give free copies of the nominated works to registered voters. So, Register, Read the books, stories, etc, and vote for what YOU like best….

via The Fan Reaction | Cedar Writes.

Since Sad Puppies 3 managed to get some really good stuff nominated, the reading material that comes with the supporting membership is a perk, not a threat. :D  (I got my fill of “meaningful” writing in school.  I’ll stick with stuff that can tell a story and make statements worth hearing.)


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